Guidelines for Applicants

Guidelines for Research Grant in the fiscal year 2018

- Article 4, Paragraph 1 - Articles of Incorporation

1. Targeted Applicants

This Research Grant is provided for the endoscopy-related research in Japan that is expected to contribute to the development of medicine and improvement of the welfare of humankind. The applicant can be either an individual or a group. Please notify the Foundation promptly if the applicant receives any grant from other organizations, so redundant support can be avoided. Application with the same subject may not be accepted if it was granted by any other organization or by the Foundation last fiscal year. There is no limitation in the number of research subjects being applied for the grant unless they are submitted from the same department of the same hospital.

2. Recommendation by Academic Experts

To apply, recommendations by academic experts such as the chief of the facility where the applicants belong are necessary. No recommendations from applicants themselves are accepted.

3. How to Apply

Applicants should fill out a form (specified by the Foundation) for each subject.

4. Research Grant

Research Grant <A>: \1,000,000- per a subject (2 subjects approved in the fiscal year 2017)
Research Grant <B>: \500,000- per a subject (39 subjects approved in the fiscal year 2017)

5. Closing Date for Application

July 31, 2018 (as indicated by the postmark on the envelope)

6. Notification of the Results

Middle of December, 2018

7. Issue of Grant

Early February 2019

8. Selection Method

Screening by the Selection Committee, followed by the approval by the Board Meeting of the Foundation

9. Reporting of the Research Results

Those who receive the grant will be required to submit the dedicated form of report promptly after the research is completed.
Failure to submit the report to the Foundation may result in the reclaim of the grant.
In case of presentations, the following should be added to the materials:
"JFE (The Japanese Foundation for Research and Promotion of Endoscopy) Grant"

10. Contact / Submission

The Japanese Foundation for Research and Promotion of Endoscopy
Yamaha Building, 2-16-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan
TEL&FAX: 81-3-3375-3531