Guidelines for Applicants

Guidelines on Research Grants for Accepting Foreign Doctors in the fiscal year 2019

- Article 4, Paragraph 4 - Articles of Incorporation

1. Targeted Applicants

This Research Grant is provided for doctors who have keen interests in the development of endoscopic medicine in Japan and come over to Japan to collaborate with Japanese doctors for further researches. Applicants are required to be trained in Japan for more than three weeks.

2. Terms

April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022

3. Facilities Accepting Foreign Doctors

Those facilities should be well equipped and prepared with training guidance, so the foreign doctors can achieve their goals as expected.

4. Recommendation by Academic Experts

To apply, recommendation by any one of the following is necessary:

  • Dean of a university
  • Director of a laboratory/ research institute
  • President of a college

If the facility accepting the foreign doctor is neither a university nor a college, the recommender should be the chief executive of the facility.

5. How to Apply

Applicants should fill out the form specified by the Foundation.

6. Research Grant

This shall be set up separately (partial coverage of flight fee, accommodation and sojourn expenses for the foreign doctors coming over to Japan).

7. Closing Date for Application

September 30, 2019

8. Notification of the Results

Middle of February 2020

9. Issue of Grant

In April 2020 or later, when the grant actually needs to cover the payment specified in the Application Form.

10. Selection Method

Screening by the Selection Committee, followed by the approval by the Board Meeting of the Foundation

11. Reporting of the Research Results

Those who receive the grant will be required to submit the dedicated form of report promptly after the research is completed.

12. Fidelity Guarantee of Foreign Doctors

The facility accepting the foreign doctors will have full responsibility for their fidelity guarantee.

This Grant for foreign doctors is provided to institute in Japan. (not to foreign doctors directly)
Therefore, if interested in our grant, apply for research program to the institute and the institute will apply your scholarship to our foundation by using application form we provided. (application form is only a Japanese edition)
*Closing Date for institute for grant in next year is September 30.
*The institute which we grant for will be decided by the selection committee in October and approved by the Board Meeting of the Foundation in February.

13. Contact / Submission

The Japanese Foundation for Research and Promotion of Endoscopy
Yamaha Building, 2-16-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan
TEL&FAX: 81-3-3375-3531

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